M O N T H L Y   Q P O P P E R   L I S T   H E L P

This is a routine monthly reminder of how to unsubscribe or use other
list commands.

First off, when you subscribe to a mailing list, you almost always get
a first message from the list admin telling you about the mailing list,
and explaining how to unsubscribe.  It is always a good idea to keep
these messages, since you never know when you will need to unsubscribe.
This is particularly useful when you change email addresses, because it
is difficult to unsubscribe from a list after you have a different
mailing address.

Every message sent by the list includes headers that you can just click
on to subscribe, unsubscribe, get help, or see the archives (if the
list has archives).

If you have tried this method, and the mailing list software won't let
you unsubscribe, it is probably because your address has changed.  In 
this case, please send a message to 
<mailto:listmas...@lists.pensive.org> stating which list (or lists) 
you want to unsubscribe from, and what you think your previous address
was.  There is a human (me) who will then try to take care of your 
request, often within a few days.

The list server in use (called AutoShare), offers several options which
you can set for yourself.  These options affect how the list sends you

The available options are:

      ACK                 you receive copies of your own submissions
      NOACK               you do not receive copies of your own
      CONCEAL             your name will not be disclosed in a 
                          REVIEW command (most lists at this
                              site do not permit REVIEW)
      NOCONCEAL           your name will be disclosed in a REVIEW
                              command (most lists at this site do
                              not permit REVIEW)
      DIGEST              list submissions are batched and sent to
                              you with a group of submissions in 
                              one email message
      NODIGEST            list submissions are sent to you
      MAIL                you receive list submissions
      NOMAIL              you do not receive list submissions (but
                              remain subscribed)

You can set any of these options by sending mail to the list server
(not the list itself!).  In the body, put the word "SET" (without
the quotes), followed by the option you would like to set.

You can even just do a 'reply' to this message.  The reply will be
addressed to the list server, so all you have to do is delete 
everything in the body, and fill in "set" (without the quotes), and the
option you would like to set.

For example, if you are going on vacation and want to stop receiving
list traffic while you are gone, you might want to set 'NOMAIL'.  Don't
forget to set 'MAIL' when you get back!

If you don't like getting list traffic as it is generated, and would
rather get a bunch of messages together in one message (a digest), set
the 'DIGEST' option.

You can get help on the web at <http://www.pensive.org/Mailing_Lists>.

Information about the QPopper list:
----------- ----- --- ------- -----

This is an unofficial mailing list for users of QPopper, the free
Unix/Linux POP server available from Qualcomm.  This is a forum for
discussions, questions, advice, and so on.  Please feel free to
contribute your experiences, suggestions, etc.

Official information on QPopper is available from the Qpopper home
page at <http://www.eudora.com/qpopper/> or <http://www.qpopper.org>.

Qualcomm also has a list for official announcements regarding Qpopper,
such as the availability of new releases.  To subscribe, send the word
"subscribe" (without the quotes) to 

To send something to everyone on the QPopper mailing list, use the
address <mailto:qpopper@lists.pensive.org>.

To see the archives of this list, go to 

Should you ever wish to unsubscribe, send the word "unsubscribe" 
(without the quotes) to


Email addresses for this particular list server:

  List server:           qpopper-requ...@lists.pensive.org
  Everyone on the list:  qpopper@lists.pensive.org
  Human in charge:       listmas...@lists.pensive.org

The List Server Admin <listmas...@lists.pensive.org>

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