Am 12.10.16 um 16:27 schrieb Jason H:
>> I'm managing my Github projects by a tool outside of Qt Creator (Git
>> Tower on OSX)
>> This way I'm using one tool for all my git projects independent from
>> used IDE (QtCreator, Eclipse Momentics, Android Studio, Xcode, VS)
>> In Qt Creator I have nothing configured for Version Control,
>> but I'm getting always questions to add files to git.
>> Probably because there's a .git inside project dir
>> Is there a way to let Qt Creator know that there's no version control
>> needed from QtC ?
> I use SourceTree (Atlassian) and I only ever get asked at project 
> creation/adding a file.
yep adding files I always get asked
disabling the plugin gives better UX from my POV
>  My git plugin is enabled, but everything works fine from day to day.

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