On 2018-02-09 23:49, Nikos Chantziaras wrote:
In the keyboard shortcuts editor, I can't seem to find entries for
changing the shortcuts to jump to the start and end of the current file.

I occasionally need to use Creator on a Mac, and am trying to bind
Ctrl+Home/Ctrl+End for this. I have changed the shortcuts for things
like begin/end of line, next/previous word, etc, and this is one of the
last missing pieces.

Is there a way I can change these shortcuts?

Hi, I also faced this problem when I started using Qt Creator a few years ago, couldn't find any editable shortcuts for jumping to start and end of a document, Solved it by writing a simple Qt Creator plugin https://github.com/tungware/GeezerEditQt Because I'm so used to Wordstar (i.e. "sudo apt install joe") my plugin uses ^Qr and ^Qc, but it should be easy to change to Ctrl+Home/End.

Also, once you've taken the plugin approach, you can also stash your other custom shortcuts there, for example I use lots of shortcuts for the common Qxx classes, instead of typing 'qDebug() << ' I hit ^q^qd, for QByteArray I use ^q^qb, for QString I use ^q^qs. Perhaps you're missing insert date/time (i.e. F5 in Notepad in Windows), easily fixed as well.

Finally, there are some nice functions inside Qt Creator which are not exposed in the menus, for example if you are on a 4K screen like me, you can increase the width of the text cursor with a shortcut.

Rgrds Henry

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