I know the beta is out for 4.6, but I would like to request a few tiny "how 
hard could it be?" features.
1.  Add the really cool color ticks in the scrollbars (used for showing 
location of errors, found occurrences) of found occurrences to the Help, 
Compile, and Output panes. I figure this is a micro-feature because there is 
already a scrollbar that does it, and the finding ability also exists. It's 
just not yet applied for those panes.  I'm begging for this!!

2. Add new colors for class and function definitions to the scrollbars. The 
idea is that the Nth color tick corresponds to the nth class/function in header 
files and the Nth color corresponds to the Nth function for source. (Maybe have 
click to jump?)

Also, unrelated to those microfeatures, I wanted to ask what the level of 
support in QtCreator for other languages is? I really like QtC, and if those 
microfeatures make it in, I'd be hugely motivated to use QtC exclusively. I'm 
using Python and JS (node), I know there was some support for Python, and QML 
uses JS, but I'm not sure how far it's come or able to be extended. I think my 
main issues are:
1. How to start a new project 
2. Can QtC parse python's imports and JS's require() for things like "Follow 
symbol under Cursor"

Many thanks for an excellent IDE.
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