Hi Simon,

Is that an item to decide at repo creation time or something to address later 
during implementation / code review? For example consider requesting a repo for 
qt/qtcharts – should we have known what data users want to visualize with it 
before having a repository (or only during the implementation of the feature)?

That said, I do agree that we should discuss about the topic if we are to 
collect user analytics data – and to also learn what kind of data is valuable 
to collect (noting that there are strict rules for anything that can be 
considered personal data). My view is that creating the requested repository 
and developing the code in the open is very good for transparency and also 
provides good opportunities for discussion during the implementation.



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Subject: Re: [Development] [Qt-creator] Requesting repository for telemetry 
plugin in Qt Creator


Can you provide a bit more information about how this plugin / frontend fits 
into the Qt project? Where is the collected data sent to and how is it 
accessible to the community?

(-1 from me, as I think this needs to be clarified)


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Subject: Re: [Development] [Qt-creator] Requesting repository for telemetry 
plugin in Qt Creator


+1 for creating the repo, but what about qt/qtanalytics as a name? This item 
could be useful also for other applications.



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Subject: [Qt-creator] Requesting repository for telemetry plugin in Qt Creator


Telemetry plugin (frontend) to collect usage data from Qt Creator to help 
improving Qt, Qt features, and Qt tools.

Non-personal data items, such as duration the user spent in design mode, will 
be collected in a way, which is completely transparent to the user.

Responsible: Tino Pyssysalo

Repository: qt-creator/plugin-telemetry


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