On Tue, 6 Mar 2018 06:18:56 +0100
Henry Skoglund <fro...@tungware.se> wrote:

> One more question: for all the Xcode bashing, I find the Analyze compile 
> command in Xcode more powerful/finding more stuff than the Analyze/Clang 
> Static Analyzer in Qt Creator. For example, if I have this simple 
> function in my .mm file:
> void xyzzy()
> {
>      int i = 42;
>      int i2 = i + i;
>      i = i2;
> }
> Qt Creator's Analyze is happy with it but Xcode's Analyze says "Value 
> stored to 'i' is never read" for the "i = i2;" source line. Would be 
> nice if Qt Creator could have the same power :-)

I'm pretty sure both IDEs just forward clang's findings to you. When I put the 
above function in my (C++) project, Creator's clang static analyzer showed me 
the exact same message you pasted above. 

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