my current setup is

QtCreator 4.4.1 (or 4.5 if needed), Qbs, Qt 5.6x and Visual Studio 2015 as my C/C++ x64 Compiler

my project can be compiled, linked, debugged - everything is working

an after reading the news about google using clang-cl for building Chrome for the windows platform

and want to give it a try - but how?

i've installed the x86 and x64 build of clang-cl from

and QtCreator finds the x64 clang-cl unter Options/Tools/...

Clang based on MSVC 2015 C++ - but nothing for the C compiler

when i change the C++ compiler in my current used kit to the found clang

it will fail finding cl.exe (its called clang-cl.exe) in the llvm folder when i start to compiler

any ideas?

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