With Qt Creator 4.6, when I run static analysis on a project I'm getting a
lot of these failures:

Failed to analyze "/Users/maloney/dev/foo/bar.cpp": Clang Static Analyzer
finished with exit code: 1.
Command line: <huge command line>
Process Error: 5
clang-5.0: warning: argument unused during compilation: '-nostdlibinc'
In file included from /Users/maloney/dev/foo/bar.cpp:5:
In file included from /Users/maloney/dev/Trolltech/Qt-Release/Qt
fatal error: 'float.h' file not found
#include_next <float.h>

(If <huge command line> is of interest I can attach it.)

Is the include from Qt Creator.app supposed to be finding the include
within the Xcode.app?

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