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On 04/09/2018 05:17 PM, Andy wrote:
Thanks Nikolai.

1) I obviously have a disconnect with the code model and includes somehow. I have no idea how to find that or fix it. I've played with the code model inspector but can't fix the issue.

2) The smallest example would be this lib that I forked a short while ago: <>

When I open that, turn off tidy and clazy, and navigate to src/E57FoundationImpl.cpp for example - the scrollbar is almost solid red with "errors"

Does the project build fine for you?
Are the include paths correct in the code model inspector? (tab "Project Parts", sub tab "Header Paths")

3) I do not get any messages about clangbackend crashing

4) Fairly frequently I have (unrecoverable) hangs when trying to (right-click) "Follow Symbol Under Cursor"

Does the hang happen if you open the menu, or if you click on the "Follow Symbol Under Cursor"?

5) Sometimes when doing "Rename symbol under the cursor" (via keyboard), the search/replace results show the wrong symbol (often a previously-searched symbol)
6) I sent another email to the list about the Clang Static Analyzer failing

7) etc...

I looked for any old compilers (via homebrew) in my paths) - none.

So basically nothing seems to be working for me and I can't figure out why :-)

Any suggestions on where to look to determine the cause(s) of the problem(s)?

(macOS 10.12.6, Apple LLVM version 9.0.0 (clang-900.0.39.2), Qt Creator installed via maintenance tool)

Thank you!

Andy Maloney  //
twitter ~ @asmaloney <>

On Wed, Apr 4, 2018 at 2:25 AM, Nikolai Kosjar < <>> wrote:

    On 29.03.2018 15:46, Andy wrote:

        It makes the editor very, very noisy to the point of being
        unusable. (And then there are the long pauses where I can't do
        anything & have to guess if it's going to come back to me or
        just hang - trying to isolate.)

    If all clazy and tidy checks are deactivated and it still feels
    sluggish, the clangbackend might be crashing (and restarting again)
    - do you see any hints in the "General Messages" pane at the bottom?

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