As far as I know store expects both in the same apk.
So as I understand you suggest having two different versions in store for 
different platforms?
That may work. Thanks for one more workaround :)

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It's quite straight forward:
 - install Qt for Android for arm & x86
 - add Android arm & x86 kits to your project
 - select arm kit and build first apk for arm
 - bump version (yes, this step is a must !)
 - select x86 kit and build the second apk for x86
 - upload the apk to Google Play.


În ziua de vineri, 13 aprilie 2018, la 00:24:28 EEST, Nikos Chantziaras a
> I want to upload two APKs to the Google Play Store. One for ARM, one for
> x86. Google's instructions:
> are for Android Studio. Are there instructions for Qt Creator? Has
> anyone done this yet?
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