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there were reports about Qt Creator occupying one CPU core for no obvious 

Here is the Jira task:


It would be great to gather more information about it.

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Hello :]

I'm having a weird problem with newest Creator update.
QtC seems to spin some heavy-duty thread on one of CPU cores on all my machines.
On my six cored AMD CPU I see it taking 16% of total processing power [as 
reported by Windows' Task Manager].
I notice it every time due to my not-so-quiet fans :P

This starts at seemingly random times; sometimes during cpp/QML code editing, 
sometimes when QtC is minimized.
When it starts there is 50/50 chance it won't stop on its own and only closing 
the application helps.

I remember seeing something very similar in versions 4.5.x when I had clang 
refactoring plugin enabled in Plugins menu.
In version 4.6 I can't seem to find this plugin in the list.

This happens in QtCreator installed with MaintenanceTool.
It reports itself as:

Based on Qt 5.10.1 (MSVC 2015, 32 bit)
Built on Mar 27 2018 15:05:08
>From revision 3ac2aa7bb5

I have this problem on up-to-date versions of Windows 7 x64 and Windows 10 x64 
on two different workstations.
Have someone seen something like this lately? Maybe it has an already opened 

Jakub Narolewski
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