I'm trying out the new clazy and fixit support in 4.6.

I have a few observations, I'm hoping people can suggest how to fix them. (No 
pun intended).
Most of these are not QtCreator's fault, but some are. The question for those 
are how does QtC help manage them?

1. Header guards are not detected, and when I fit-insert them, they hardcode 
the FULL path.
2. I have lightbulbs everywhere that don't do anything when I click on them. 
(see attached, 2 pics)
3. move semantics vs const ref. If I apply the fix-it to use copy/std::move, 
the then immediately get another one to apply const-ref. Which one is right?
4. Move constructor definition to .h (for constructors) is this "a thing"?
5. Not sure what it takes, but a fixit for "warning: {class} has virtual 
functions but non-virtual destructor" should have minimally a fix as 
"~{class}() override = default;"
6. I find it confusing to have the triangle warning: off to the right but the 
lightbulb at the the end of the text. (Also attached) It would be cool if the 
lightbulb could be the triangle (or vise-versa) and clicking on it would fix it.
7. Double-clicking on fix gets me every time. I click, wait, oh, double-click.
8. "error: static_cast from {derivedclass*} to {baseclass*}, which are not 
related by inheritance..." and variations of the above... It seems that 
whatever is claiming this is flat out wrong because deriveddclass is actually 
derived from baseclass. 
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