I recently wanted to generate .qmltypes files for my QML plugins to get syntax 
suggestions for them but got stuck on Creator's error.
I have a plugin named IzLibrary. It resides in its import folder - "IzLibrary". 
In it I have:

1. qmldir file
2. IzLibraryPlugin.dll file
3. [hopefully] properly generated izlibrary.qmltypes file

Contents of the qmldir are:
// file start
module IzLibrary
plugin IzLibraryPlugin
typeinfo izlibrary.qmltypes
classname IzQMLComponents
IzToast 1.0 qrc:///src/JS/IzToast.js
IzMark 1.0 qrc:///src/JS/IzMark.js
IzBusy 1.0 qrc:///src/JS/IzBusy.js
// file end

To generate izlibrary.qmltypes file I used:
qmlplugindump IzLibrary 1.0 ./ > ./IzLibrary/izlibrary.qmltypes

// file start
This command generates, what I think is, a proper .qmltypes file:
import QtQuick.tooling 1.2

// This file describes the plugin-supplied types contained in the library.
// It is used for QML tooling purposes only.
// This file was auto-generated by:
// 'qmlplugindump IzLibrary 1.0 ./'

Module {
    dependencies: []
    Component {
        name: "QDoubleValidator"
        prototype: "QValidator"
        exports: ["IzDoubleValidator 1.0"]
        exportMetaObjectRevisions: [0]

        [~here be 4000 more lines of similar stuff~]

// file end

But under QtCreator 4.6, in General Messages tab, I get:
Warnings while parsing QML type information of 
Failed to parse 
Error: 1:1: Expected token "numeric literal".
QML module does not contain information about components contained in plugins.

Is there something I did wrong? I have a feeling I missed something really 

Jakub Narolewski

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