I see, suspected it had already been reported. This is just a minor issue, as removing the build directory and restarting Qt Creator fixes it for me everytime.

Keep up the good work, Qt Creator is miles ahead of any other IDE!!

Rgrds Henry

On 2018-05-17 09:18, Eike Ziller wrote:
You are hit by https://bugreports.qt.io/browse/QTCREATORBUG-20371 and its as 
related marked reports.
A late update of the qmake parser code in Qt Creator 4.6 broke reparsing in 
many cases, i.e. when you change .pro files or kit properties.
Parsing is successful when reopening the project to clean wrongly managed 
We have identified the problem, though there is no patch yet, but we plan to 
have that fixed in Qt Creator 4.6.2.

Br, Eike

On May 17, 2018, at 02:15, Henry Skoglund <fro...@tungware.se> wrote:

On 2018-05-16 20:38, Murphy, Sean wrote:

I'm experiencing an intermittent issue that I'm wondering if anyone else is 
seeing, has an idea how to prevent, or can at least point me towards something 
to help me provide more information for creating a bug report?

The issue:
Periodically when I attempt to debug my program, Qt Creator throws up an error 
      Starting executable failed: C:\<big long path>\myApp.exe: No such file or 


This is the second time this issue has occurred, it happened to me once last 
week as well. Both times just closing the project and reopening seems to 
restore the correct executable path, I just don't know what is causing it to 
break in the first place. And either no one else has reported this as a bug, or 
I'm not putting in the correct search terms on bugreports.qt.io, because I'm 
not finding anything that looks similar.

Using Qt Creator 4.6.0
Thanks in advance,

Hi, I'm seeing this as well on Qt Creator 4.6.1, only on Windows though (i.e. 
not on MacOs or Linux).

Steps to reproduce:

In Qt Creator, switch to default session, select "Close All Projects and 
Editors" in the File menu. Exit Qt Creator and launch it again.

Select "New File or Project" and choose the "Qt Console Application" template. 
Click Next 4 times (i.e. accept the default for everything).

Run the Project (F5) one time (Debug or Release is immaterial).

Select New File or Project again. This time under "Files and Classes", add a 
C++ Header File. Name is irrelevant. Click Finish to add the .h file to your .pro file.

Don't edit the .h file, instead try to Run the Project (F5). Now, on my Windows 
7 SP1 64-bit, invariably I get:

does not exist.

Exiting Qt Creator, erasing the build directory and relaunching Qt Creator 
restores functionality, i.e. Run the Project (F5) then works. But adding 
another dummy .h wrecks it again :-(

Rgrds Henry

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