True, there is a conversation there but I think both the Creator devs and the 
community need to have conversation about the future of the clang-tidy 
integration. reported the issue. It was 
marked as "won't fix". reports the lack of text 
markers in the editor. So far this is still left open even though we are in the 
RC part of 4.12 which means we are left with another half-baked release of 
QtCreator. So how long do we have to wait to actually get the same usability 
that we had back in 4.10? 6 months, 1 year or never? Was there a large amount 
of feedback stating that the markup in the editor was an issue? 

Mike Jackson 

´╗┐On 3/25/20, 11:36 AM, "Qt-creator on behalf of Marco Bubke" 
< on behalf of> wrote:

    Hi Michael
    There is already a bug report:
    So there is in my opinion no need to start a email thread too. ;-)
    Best, Marco
    On 25/03/2020 16:28, Michael Jackson wrote:
    > Back in the QtCreator 4.10 days there was "automatic" clang-tidy/clazy 
integration´╗┐. The downside was that opening a source file would cause a lag 
(sometimes long depending on the age of the computer) to get the 
method/function list and code navigation to show up. The upside is that the 
annotations were marked in the editor along the right side and also in the 
scroll well area. They were easy to see with the human eye and hard to miss. 
BUT QtCreator 4.10 had a big bad issue on macOS Catalina with the latest Xcode, 
debugging  caused the CPU to burn 100% even when sitting at a break point.
    > Then we jumped to QtCreator 4.12 RC/Beta and now the debugging issue is 
solved BUT now clang-tidy doesn't run automatically anymore. When I searched 
out how to get it to run I have to run it manually (ok, maybe a fair trade off) 
but the annotations are effectively "hidden" now down the left side of the 
editor marked by a little triangle icon. There doesn't seem to be a way to go 
back to old style of putting them on the rig
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