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> Subject: Re: [Qt-creator] Adding kits to Qt Creator in a more noob-friendly 
> way
> Am 11.05.20 um 01:52 schrieb Henry Skoglund:
> > Hi, finally took the plunge this weekend and started building Qt myself
> > (MinGW static builds for Windows).
> > Using configure.bat worked fine, it even suggested I should add "-opengl
> > desktop" otherwise "... the build might fail." Helpful stuff.
> > 
> > So I ended up with a fresh new directory "static", next to the
> > C:\Qt\5.14.2\mingw73_32 directory. Question was, how to add the static
> > build as a kit to my Qt Creator? Googling helped, and it was smooth
> > sailing once I realized you go into Options/Kits/Qt Versions and point
> > out where kit's qmake.exe is (e.g. C:\Qt\5.14.2\static\bin\qmake.exe).
> > Enter a few more things and voila, I had a valid bona fide kit and could
> > rebuild my projects into static .exe files.
> > 
> > Got me thinking, adding kits to Qt Creator will be something I have to
> > do quite often (at least once for every new Qt release). Ok it's easy
> > once you know how. But what if there was an easier way? Say at the end
> > of "mingw32-make install" it would create a .kit file (similar to a .pro
> > file) that has all the needed info for Qt Creator to add it
> > automagically, e.g. for my build Qt Creator would use a "static.kit"
> > file for adding (or replacing if there's already a kit named "static").
> > 
> > This of course would mean that Qt Creator has to understand the contents
> > of a .kit file (and for configure to write it correctly). And someone
> > has to specify the contents of such files. But I think it would really
> > be a nice Qt Creator feature, especially for that first time you have a
> > successful Qt build and want to try it ou as a kit.
> > 
> > Rgrds Henry
> Hi Henry,
> to me, this sounds like a good idea. Would you might putting it into a
> suggestion at https://bugreports.qt.io ?
> Thank you for bringing it up!

I'm still waiting for a uniform naming convention. (see attached)

Project Kits:
* Android for armaeabi-v7a (Clang Qt 5.12.7 for Android ARMv7)
* Qt 5.12.7 for iOS

Both lines have issues:
*android - lists android multiple times, lists CPU arch multiple times, 
mentions Qt
*iOS - mentions Qt - of course it's Qt1

It of course gets lets readable when you have multiple Qt versions.

How about :
* 5.12.5 
** Android ARMV7
** Android ARMV8
** iOS
* 5.14.1
** Android Multiarch
** iOS

Just my devalued $.02.
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