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> Hello,
> I wonder why QTC is still built against GCC 5.3?
> I've seen this https://doc.qt.io/qt-5/supported-platforms.html, but RHEL7 has 
> devtoolset up to 9 available with GCC9. Maybe it could be updated to GCC7?
> Not sure it makes much sense to build QTC against such old compiler.
> I'm asking this because, I got some build errors with meson plugin on QTC CI 
> which I can't access and most of them won't appear with GCC7+.
> One other option would be to add a Centos 7 docker image on GH actions  with 
> mostly the same setup, that would allow to spot GCC5 build errors earlier.

This is mostly because we use the same provisioning as Qt, which still uses GCC 
5.3 on RHEL7 even for Qt 5.15 (**), and so far the breakages were few.
The current proposal is to bump the requirements to GCC 7 and Qt 5.14 for Qt 
Creator 4.14. Was about to write an email tomorrow after 4.13 went into feature 
freeze and master becomes 4.14 :)
Also, we can investigate if we require C++17 for Qt Creator 4.14 then.

Br, Eike

(**) I can’t really say why Qt 5 still supports GCC 5.3 on RHEL, though I’d 
guess that this is the case because Qt 5 needs/wants to be compilable with this 
anyhow for some embedded platforms 

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