Hi Tobias

Thanks for all you did for the CMake integration into QtCreator: I could not live without it! My main projects are all CMake and Qt based, and my favorite working environment is QtCreator because it is the same in both Windows and Linux.

I downloaded and installed the newest version this morning - no obvious flaws so far. Reducing the number of ways to interact sounds like a good idea to improve maintainability also by others and avoid "strange behaviours" that were in the past often enough causes of trouble. Marrying CMake and QtCreator means to bring together two very different concepts and ways of working, so for me it's almost a miracle that it is working so well right now - with not too many things that you simply have to get used to...

So first of all I wish you all the best for your own further developments!

And second I would be happy if some equally competent developer would step into your responsibility - because it would be sad if the CMake/QtCreator cooperation would eventually fall apart due to neglect...

Best regards,

Am 29/06/2020 um 16:24 schrieb Tobias Hunger:
Hello everyone!

I would like to step down as the CMake plugin maintainer in Qt Creator on 1st 
of August as I will start a new job then and do not expect to have the time 
necessary to be a good maintainer in the Qt project. Thank you all for the the 
opportunity to work with so many passionate people and the trust to maintain a 

It would be great to see somebody step up to the task of making CMake easy and 
convenient to use in Qt Creator! I will be around and am willing to help 
getting people to settle into the code base -- as I still think this is a very 
important area for Qt Creator going forward.

The last couple of weeks I spend on streamlining the code (killing two of the 
three completely different ways for creator to interact with CMake) and to 
generally simplify the interaction between Qt Creator and CMake. I think this 
was a major step forward for CMake support in Creator  -- and it removed a lot 
of code and made things conceptually simpler, so now is a good time to hand 
over the plugin.

Best Regards,

PS: Please consider to test the upcoming Creator release and report issues you 
find so that I still have a chance to fix them myself:-)

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