My husband’s BP is typically 90 to 100 over 60 to 70, much lower than when he 
was physically able, but they said a new normal. He doesn’t take any blood 
pressure meds. But 54 is really LOW; my father was hospitalized when his went 
to 80/50 and he needed a pacemaker.

What do we do for fun? Nothing yet; we are still in the physical therapy stage, 
but after two years, not much progress. We plan to move back to the desert and 
get my husband an off-road wheelchair so he can get back outside. We haven’t 
really had time to have fun yet.

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My BP has been a steady 90/60 for years. Sorry to break up all this talk about 
pills and blood pressure but what do you guys do for fun? What do you do to 
feel a part of the world that certainly wasn't made for the disabled? What do 
you do to get by and not feel like that's all you're doing – getting b

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Not that low but mine is 90's over 60/70's sometimes
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I went to the Doctors today and my BP was 54 over 48
Anybody else have low BP?

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