ug 09, 2017

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It's no secret that there are many types of assistive technologies on the
market today which are capable of simplifying the lives of people with
mobility impairments. While it is wonderful to have many options to choose
from when investing in an assistive technology, few people can afford to
own several devices that specialize in different tasks. This is one area
where tecla-e stands out. tecla-e is a cloud-connected assistive device
giving people with upper-body mobility impairments the ability to fully
access smart devices and technology. It is one of the most diverse and
innovative assistive technologies allowing users to unlock the ability to
control the top smart home technologies and smart devices on the market

tecla-e falls under at least 4 different categories of assistive
technologies including *aids to daily living, computer access aids,
environmental control, and recreational and leisure device.*

An *aid to daily living* allows individuals with disabilities to enhance
their participation and achievement in daily activities. For a tecla-e
user, the possibilities are endless. Users can send and receive emails and
text messages, retrieve information from the Internet and make (or hang up)
phone calls at any time. tecla-e also provides solutions to assist in basic
communication needs such as reading e-books, writing and spelling through
apps, using a calculator, studying information and organizing their lives
through calendars, reminders and more.

tecla-e is considered a *computer access aid* because it allows users to
access smartphones, computers, tablets and smart home technologies
hands-free. MacBook and iMacs are powerful devices that contain software
which allow users to complete complex tasks like video editing or coding.
These activities are now accessible to quadriplegics who use tecla-e to
bridge the gap to computer access.

*Environmental control* uses an alternate input device such as a switch to
control one or more electronic appliances such as lights, televisions, and
electronically controlled doors. tecla-e is compatible with IFTTT enabled
smart home devices which users can control through the tecla-e app or
switches connected directly to it. So, users can turn their tv on or off,
turn up the heat on their Nest thermostat
<> or adjust the
lighting of their Philips Hue lights <> with
tecla-e. To learn more about IFTTT, our previous blog
<> tells
you everything you need to know about the service.

Finally, tecla-e is also considered a *recreation and leisure device* simply
because it enables users to watch videos on Netflix or Youtube, participate
in social media, take cool photos, launch apps and play games, read books
and any other fun things you can do with a smart device.


[image: Installing tecla-e on back of wheelchair]

tecla-e replaces the need for specific assistive technologies that can only
perform a set amount of tasks. For example:

   - Automatic book page-turner
   <> - $380
   - Hands-Free Wireless Nurse Intercom
   - Accessible camera
   <> - $500
   - Switch-Adapted MP3 Player <> -
   - Switch-Adapted TV Remote - $99
   - Switch-Adapted DVD Player - $299

At a cost of $500, buying a tecla-e rather than these 6 products alone will
put an extra *$1765* in your pocket. This does not include the numerous
softwares such as word predictors, voice recognition, speech generators
that can cost thousands of dollars are also integrated into both iPhones
and Androids or are available for free in the app store.

To decide whether tecla-e is the right device for you or your loved one,
visit the tecla-e page <>, set up a
scheduled phone call with a sales and support specialist or send us an
e-mail at

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