I use to be on Lyrica, but weened off, been a few years.
Its only been a few days, weather turned bad too, might be part of it.
I'd hate to go back, such bad things I read about Lyrica.
But if it doesn't go away, I guess you gotta do what you gotta do.

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That sounds like nerve pain to me, are you taking anything for nerve pain? Have you been on nerve pain meds a long time? Maybe you built up a tolerance to it and need a higher dose? I’m on Lyrica for mine 150MG/day if I remember correctly. The dreams are the only thing I don’t remember having…

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The last few days my thighs have hurt so bad. Just throbbing. I wake up dreaming my legs are being crushed. It goes away for awhile, but comes back just out of nowhere. Hard to describe the feeling. Kind of like my muscles are stuck flexing, kind of like they are wrapped in something too tight, or a vice is squeezing them. But they are relaxed, no spasms, not tight. Errrr


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