I know, Jim.  And I have put in so many hours searching!  I've essentially 
given up looking for sip and puff parts and I'm looking at tubing from plumbing 
or wherever.  I even called back to New Mexico at one point to try and find the 
company that may have provided the part but that got me nowhere.  Not sure what 
to try next.

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Bummer. It sucks when something works and you can't find a replacement. I am 
having the same problem with some of my vent circuit parts. Some of the old 
parts work better for me but I can't find replacements.
On Thu, Feb 22, 2018 at 7:15 PM, Jeffrey Gaede <jsga...@yahoo.com> wrote:

Yeah, those don't work for me, Jim. Every time I've searched for sip and puff 
mouthpieces, that's what I find and usually that's all I find. I'm sure they 
are out there somewhere but who knows what they were originally used for.

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I think it got rejected by the list with the photo attached.
I've been using these dental "saliva ejectors" with my sip and puff. They are a 
flexible tube about 5" long with wire embedded so it keeps the shape when you 
bend it. 
http://www.idsdental.com/ salivaejectors.html  
On Thu, Feb 22, 2018 at 6:32 PM, Jeffrey Gaede <jsga...@yahoo.com> wrote:

Hello, Folks. I was wondering if you might help searched for something. I have 
a sip and puff controlled wheelchair and back around 2005 I had the perfect 
mouthpieces for this chair. A few years ago I got down to the last mouthpiece 
and went online to order more, only I couldn't find the same thing. I've 
searched a number of times the past couple years and can't come up with 
anything close. It's possible that these were never designed to be sip and puff 
wheelchair mouthpieces, but I'd be more than grateful if someone could locate 
them for me. They are "L-shaped", made of a very sturdy plastic composite, 
giving them a little flex but you couldn't clamp it closed with the tightest 
bite, and there is a "doughnut" molded into one end. The attached picture is of 
the last one I had. It's a little warped because someone tried to wash it in a 
dishwasher, but it would normally be about 5" long, again, L-shaped, and has a 
doughnut molded onto one end. Thanks for any help… Jeff



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