Amazing technology. I wish the inventor and the one user would have just 
referred to it as an alternative. As a longtime sip and puff chair user, I can 
make my chair dance. To call sip and puff "very slow" and "like Morse code" is 
kind of ridiculous. I would challenge my ability of sip and puff against any 
other type of use for driving a wheelchair, which is what you do with a 
wheelchair. The fact that this technology allows for other uses, like computer, 
cell phone etc. is pretty amazing. But that can be used whether or not someone 
is using sip and puff with the wheelchair. It's great technology. I hope they 
keep finding different ways to make life better for us, but I don't see any 
reason to put down sip and puff technology in order to propagate this 
technology. Thanks for the article! Jeff

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 Sent: Sunday, April 15, 2018 2:26 PM
 Subject: [QUAD-L] tongue control versus sip and puff?
I found this article kind of interesting, as a sip and puff user.


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