I much prefer my Samsung galaxy set up with google and an ear bud for 
hands-free phone usage.  It even looks somewhat normal for people who are 
concerned about that.  I also use the program Jim suggested Mobizen.  For my TV 
and music and household lights fans heaters front door I use Amazon Alexa   
didn't even come to 500 .  Also, I'm lucky that I don't need glasses, but I 
can't imagine how annoying it would be when they slide on my nose and I could 
not push them up.  LOL




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Subject: [QUAD-L] Using a GlassOuse Assistive device to control a smart phone - 


<https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zaq4N9FHK4w&feature=share> &feature=share


Click on this link if you want to buy a GlassOuse: http://glassouse.com/


A GlassOuse is an assistive device which  can be used to control  a PC, smart 
phone  or even a smart TV. In fact any device which  uses Bluetooth can be 
controlled with it.  

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