>>> I make up a short ribbon cable with a 40-pin female one end and a
>>> 40-pin
>>> male the other. Plug this from the ATA drive and attach the ATA->SCSI
>>> adapter the other end and put that in the bay below the hard disk. 
>>> This
>> Sounds excellent.
> Well thanks for your help. I need to throw together a shopping list for
> my Dad to get me. I have 50-way cable on a roll at home which will
> easily strip down to 40-way for the IDE section. I like little projects
> like this.

Well it's done and it works a treat. I have the hard disk in the upper 
bay of the machine and it is ticking along nicely with the ACRAD adapter 
i the lower bay on a short length of 40-way ribbon. I still need to 
build up a replacement SCSI ribbon for the machine as the damage to the 
original one is not repairable, even though it still works fine. The 
only thing that gets me is that now I have tied the hard disk down to a 
sled in the drive bay it is not silent anymore. It is still quiet while 
it isn't doing anything but the head activity is very load as it is 
vibrating through the plastic casing. Ah well the drives moving over to 
a 7x00 PowerMac soon so I'm not too bothered.


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