> 2. I'm considering putting a large HD in one of the other 605's, and
> running MKLinux or NetBSD.  I'm thinking of using it as an MP3 server
> (networked, it won't be playing it, just being storage space.) This
> *should* be able to be seen from both OS 7/8 Macs and  PCs (using SAMBA, I
> assume,) right? Anyone try this? (this is a great form factor for that,
> IMHO- nice, small, low profile, unobtrusive - I was thinking of it when I
> saw the "rack mount Mac" on LEM....)
> -Eric

Mklinux is PPC only, and pretty outdated at that.  Debian 68k, OpenBSD m68k,
or NetBSD would work well though.  Samba is a good option, and if you
install Dave on your Mac's running OS 7 or 8 then you can browse the shares
from there.  I don't know whether PC's or Macs running OS 7 or 8 can
understand NFS, but if so then that would be another option.  Overall
though, Samaba seems like it would be a good choice for you (and I know for
a fact there are OpenBSD m68k packages available for it).

Although one person suggested it would be easier to just run MacOS on it,
you can probably get more speed out of a stripped down BSD or Linux
installation.  OpenBSD comes out of the box with most uneeded services
disabled; the only thing you might want to take out manually is Sendmail.
SSH runs by default but you'll probably want to access your box remotely
accross the network.  If you really want to go for bare minimals I think you
can boot it without a keyboard or monitor attached (by just sticking a Mac >
VGA adpater in the monitor port, or shorting it by some other method),
though I never tried.

Anyway, for some reason I enjoy playing with Linux/BSD on these older
machines much more than newer ones.

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