Dan Palka writes:

>Well I'll tell you all it was NOT worth the incredible price I paid for all
>of this stuff.
>I did not buy it on ebay because I hate ebay.  Instead I bought them from a
>reseller.  This QuadDoubler with warrantee in a Centris 650 board and 128
>megs of RAM cost me about $200.  And the damn thing doesnt even work in the

The Sonnet QuadDoubler was a very clever hack with one significant 
drawback: It had to be specifically designed for a single computer. There 
was a 40/80 MHz model for the Centris 610, a 50/100 for the Quadra 610, 
and a different 50/100 for the Centris 650. Other ones for the Quadra 
610, 660av, 700, and 900 have been discontinued.

The clever thing is the way it doubled the normal clock speed and 
provided about 80-90% more horsepower. The sad thing is that Motorola 
never got the '040 to the point where they could revise the QuadDoubler 
for a 33 MHz Quadra 650 or 800 -- let alone the stunningly cool 840av.

Before spending $200 on a computer upgrade, do enough research to make 
sure it will work in your computer. Worse yet, you could have bought one 
for $99.95 direct from Sonnet....


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