At 11:52 PM +0000 12/28/2002, SimPanda wrote:
>I have a Quadra 840AV that I found one day on my way home from work. I
>brought it home, hooked it up to my monitor and keyboard, and found it
>worked just fine. I decided to do a few upgrades on it by adding memory
>and filling the vram slots. Since then I can not get it to start up
>again. When I try to start it, I get no chime, just a blank gray screen
>with the cursor in the upper left hand corner.
>Here's a list of what I've tried to remedy the problem with no results:
>I removed all of the upgrades I added except for one simm that I know is
>good. No go.
>I tried starting up from a system floppy. No go. Just the blank gray
>screen with the cursor that won't move.
>I tried starting up from an original Quadra 840AV system CD. See above.
>I replaced the PRAM battery with a brand new one. No good even after I
>have left it without a battery overnight.
>I tried zapping the PRAM.
>I have checked all of my cables numerous times, and all seem to be
>seated solidly.
>I have no external SCSI items connected to the machine.
>Right now my biggest fear is that I may have damaged the motherboard
>with static, even though I was very careful.
>But I must admit I had one hell of a time getting everything aligned
>properly each time I put the motherboard back. Is this something other
>Quadra 840AV owners have experienced? Is there anything I can do to fix

If you are stuck on a gray screen then the startup disk is not an 
issue, it's not getting that far.    Best guess is that some of the 
VRAM is either mis-seated, wrong or bad.  Also possibly the RAM is 
also in similar straights.

Start by removing the RAM you added.  If that doesn't help then 
remove the added VRAM.
Clark Martin
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