I dont know how many people can say thier Quadrs are their full time
daily machines............
Me for one.
I run an engineering consulting business on a Q800.
I have the usual Word 5.1, Excel 4, Power Point 3, ColorOne scanner, etc.
but I also run CAD (Vellum), QuickBooks, and several others. I back up on
an internal Apple tape drive canabalized from an AWS 8150 bezel and all,
and print on a Color Stylewriter 6500 and an Apple Color Printer for 11 X
17 prints.  On another Q800, I do high speed data acquisition from lab
tests. That Q800 has a NuBus data acquisition board. I've even adapted a
QuickTake to a microscope. By matching the older, more elegant, and smaller
software to my Quadra's,  everything is fast, simple and rock stable.
What could I do faster on a G4 besides go through $25,000. to duplicate
what I already have?

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