>Date: Thu, 13 Feb 2003 17:06:18 -0800
>Subject: Re: Read the FAQs and archives

>Well, not having seen your name on here (under *this* alias) before, I can
>only assume you're expecting a negative response.

I think if "Grin With Me" had stopped two sentences short of the end 
of his second paragraph he would have done better.  I was with him up 
to that point.

>All I'm going to say is:
>1. Yeah, I agree about the lists. I also agree about checking the FAQ,
>though if you just see the list, join, and ask a question, you may not know
>about it.
>So, instead of *just* saying "Read the FAQ" (I'll bet there are still a
>good number of people who join that not only don't know about the FAQ, but
>couldn't tell you what a FAQ was) how about modifying the reply:
>"That's actually in the FAQ, which is at http://macfaq.org. Go to the xxxx
>section, there are some links / info / pictures / free toasters with
>signup. If you need help with some of what it says, feel free to ask."
>As far as the TILs, it depends who has what links - some still point to the
>old location, some to the new, some who knows where.

I add my voice to the chorus that "Read the FAQ" does not a very 
helpful community make.   Most of the folks who are going to ask the 
oft-seen questions are also likely to be somewhat disoriented on the 
topic and find it rather difficult to make the leap to the FAQ.   It 
all seems terribly simple to the experienced user, and I know it's 
tough to understand, but when one isn't familiar with a topic, the 
simplest information can be bewildering.   A simple example is that a 
FAQ may not phrase the same quesiton in the same way as a new user 
who doesn't understand the terminology, etc.

I would like to suggest that if one is frustrated at seeing the same 
question asked by newcomers or even oldsters, rather than lashing out 
at the inquirer, perhaps the frustrated folks could simply refrain 
from responding, and let happier people field the easy questions.

I am very active on the SuperMacs list.   And I sometimes find myself 
frustrated with repeats of questions I've answered many times over 
the years.   Now this is silly, because the asking of that question 
doesn't cost me anything except a moment reading an email.

A bit of introspection and I realized that the frustration arises 
from a self-imposed feeling that I have some kind of duty to answer 
questions on SuperMacs.   So there's this feeling of duty to answer, 
then someone asks a question I'm really tired of answering, and I 
don't want to answer it, but I feel like a should, and voila: 
frustration.    I found a really simple solution to this that didn't 
involve any rude comments.    I just don't answer those questions 
that I won't enjoy answering.   And you know what?  Someone else 
always manages to field those questions.

So my experience may not be the same as others, but there it is in 
the event that some might find it helpful.

Jeff Walther

P.S.  Anyone know of any use for a Q630 MB sans CPU?   I know it 
isn't worth anything to sell, but I'm reluctant to throw it away--all 
those custom Apple chips on board.

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