I have just been given to understand the microsoft e-mailer does not observe this convention. Pity.

At 8:02 +0000, 2/17/03, out of the ether, it was observed:

 I think your links are ok but in OE they take two lines.  The first half of
 the link (the top line) is a hyperlink but the second half of the link (the
 second line) is in ordinary text which a browser will not recognise.

 In my OE your links look like this

As a reminder,

If you remember to add < and > both before and after the URL, it will hang together, thus:
<http://www.applefritter.com/cgi-bin/YaBB/ YaBB.pl?board=powercc;action=display;num=1044807145>
regardless of the line length set by your e-mailer and regardless of which e-mailer you use.

It's just a nagging detail, but it does help everyone, especially the newbies (and the oldies, whose memory is slipping) who ask such questions.

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