** R. A. Cantrell <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [2003-02-19 13:22]:
> Quaddies,
>                 I have  an XC68040RC33E chip pulled from a Q950 board if
> anybody wants it for $3 or equivalent  in swap. I could use a power supply
> (wallwart) for a US Robotics Sportster modem.
** end quote [R. A. Cantrell]

Timing, I've just asked on the UK list about sources for 040 chips to
upgrade my Performa 475s and LC 630.  I doubt the postage tot he UK
would be worth it though, and any PSUs I have would cost to much to post
out, not to mention being UK ones - and come to think of it, required
for the modems if I ever need them again.

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