Been searchin' low & hi for the pinout diagram for these boards. 
Absolutely no luck.
The Pickle did suggest I was prob was out of luck for this search.
Suppose Apple must guard their state secrets.

This should not be a major deal.

Anyhow, I've a 575 board in a Color Classic & would like to patch the now 
external CD Audio to the motherboard with a mini or submini jack. I need 
to know which 3 of the 68, or so, small pins on the Mobo edge are the CD 
Audio In.

After failing to procure any pin diagrams, I thought I'd just borrow a 
chassis & meter the 3 through the internal CD connectors. As my luck 
would have it, no one I know, has one available. Even a quick trip to 
Reno was unproductive.

Metering for them just through the Mobo has been beyond me.

So, is there a chance some fine natured soul on the Quadlist could, at 
their convenience, meter a 500 series chassis, & tell me which pins are 
audio L & R & ground. It would be so very appreciated.

Of course, I'm open to suggestions.



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