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Patches applied :
  Patchwork 2120:
       [quagga-dev,16267,v1,01/10] lib: move memory.[ch] out of the way
  Patchwork 2117:
       [quagga-dev,16269,v1,02/10] lib: add new extensible memory-type handling
  Patchwork 2113:
       [quagga-dev,16268,v1,03/10] lib: remove constructor reference
  Patchwork 2118:
       [quagga-dev,16270,v1,04/10] lib: migrate to new memory-type handling
  Patchwork 2122:
       [quagga-dev,16273,v1,05/10] *: split & distribute memtypes
  Patchwork 2115:
       [quagga-dev,16271,v1,06/10] *: stop (re|ab)using lib/ MTYPEs
  Patchwork 2121:
       [quagga-dev,16272,v1,07/10] *: declare and init mgroup and mtype for all 
  Patchwork 2116:
       [quagga-dev,16272,v1,08/10] *: static mgroup and mtypes are locally 
declared and initialised
  Patchwork 2123:
       [quagga-dev,16274,v1,09/10] *: enhance memtype and memgroup generation 
across lib and daemons
  Patchwork 2119:
       [quagga-dev,16273,v1,10/10] lib: clean/restore memory debugging functions
Tested on top of Git : 68bfb61 (as of 20161007.095315 UTC)
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Get source and apply patch from patchwork: Failed
> Applying Patchwork patch 2120
> ------------------------------------
> Git Patch: Using "git apply" for patch 2120
> <stdin>:680: trailing whitespace.
>  * 02111-1307, USA.  
> <stdin>:710: trailing whitespace.
>   zlog_err ("%s : can't allocate memory for `%s' size %d: %s\n", 
> <stdin>:759: trailing whitespace.
> /* 
> <stdin>:818: trailing whitespace.
> static struct 
> <stdin>:881: trailing whitespace.
> void 
> error: patch failed: lib/
> error: lib/ patch does not apply
> error: patch failed: lib/memory.c:1
> error: lib/memory.c: patch does not apply

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