Here is my list from the tests of actual new bugs in quagga master:

Protocol    BGP IPv6
Reference   RFC RFC 4271, Sect. 4.5, p 20, NOTIFICATION message format)
No BGP notification sent by Quagga on Protocol violation
In my tests, I configure a IPv6 BGP peer on Quagga. I then open the TCP connection (TCP only, no BGP OPEN sent) and send a BGP Keepalive without any BGP Open. Correct behavior for Quagga is to send a BGP Notification and then close the TCP connection, but Quagga just closes the TCP connection without sending the
Test ANVL-OSPFV3-19.11 (and 3 more failing tests)
Protocol    OSPFv3 (IPv6)
Reference   RFC 5340, s4.4.3.2 p27 Router-LSAs
Interface-ID in OSPF Router Link Tuple is incorrectly set to 0
Should be set to the OSPF Interface-ID

I worry mainly about the OSPFv3 issue. If someone wants to guess where it
broke down (i.e. commit), then I can try to narrow it down to the actual
commit which broke it.

- Martin


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