Sorry it seems I'm a lists noob and didnt realize this stuff was not going into 
list... i'm assuming that i should be emailing the list only ? and not Martin 
or anybody else ? I CCed Martin just in case.

So as per Martin, he thinks what is triggering the issue is the use of -9 to 
terminate quagga process in pfsense rc scripts. I did submit the debug logs to 
Martin... not sure if you need more. And no, I have no tested the routers yet 
while eliminating -9 from pfsense scripts.

Martin: Please see below response from a person in pfsense forum:

I see Martin's reply to you on Oct. 10, but I don't see anything after that.  
Are you emailing him off-list?

I was looking through the Quagga code last night, and found something that I'm 
wondering whether or not could be the problem.  Quagga (zebra daemon) puts 
routes into the kernel with flag "1" (RTF_PROTO1, see netstat man page).  When 
zebra starts up it's supposed to ignore (filter out) any kernel routes with 
flag "1" because it should assume it put those there to begin with.  I think 
before Quagga version 1 this was working, and in version >= 1 it pulls in those 
kernel routes into the zebra RIB.

If I reboot a firewall and go to OSPF -> Status -> Zebra routes, I see a bunch 
of OSPF routes but barely any K (kernel) routes.  If I make any change on the 
Global Settings or Interface Settings tab quagga restarts, and then when 
looking at the zebra routes it is filled with kernel routes (one for each OSPF 

Can you ask Martin to look at this:

File: zebra/zebra_rib.c
Function: rib_sweep_table

This function is commented out starting in version 1, but it was used in 
version 0.99.24.  There is a block of code in it:

Code: [Select]

if (rib->type == ZEBRA_ROUTE_KERNEL &&
    ret = rib_uninstall_kernel (rn, rib);
    if (! ret)
        rib_delnode (rn, rib);

The rib_weed_tables function that is still being used doesn't seem to do this 
same thing, from what I can tell.  This URL shows them side-by-side:

If you can point me to the thread where you are discussing this with Martin, I 
can pass this along to him if you prefer.

From: Martin Winter <>
Sent: 10 October 2016 04:42
To: Reqlez Guy
Subject: Re: [quagga-users 14440] Issues with Routes in FreeBSD / PfSense New 
to Release 1.0

Just seeing this now...

On 3 Oct 2016, at 18:13, Reqlez Guy wrote:

> Hello.
> Can anybody review this and see what they think ?
Major issue with QUAGGA-OSPF and VLANs (pfsense 
Author Topic: Major issue with QUAGGA-OSPF and VLANs (pfsense 2.3.0) (Read 3006 

> When triggering failover ... the failover link does not work with
> version 1  .... reverting back to .99 no problems. Pfsense Team seems
> to think it's something regarding Zebra restart... Several users have
> confirmed this issue. See thread for further info.

What is the "normal" version of Quagga in PfSense? (i.e. output of
"zebra -v")
Is this 1.0.20160315 ?

Can you post the output of a "zebra -v" from it (it should give some
compile options as well)
And what is the base OS? FreeBSD 10?

We are just about trying to get a new version out. If you are able to
compile your own
version, then it might be worthwhile to download and build from the
latest git master.

- Martin Winter

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