So many times it helps just to have another pair of eyes take a look at your 
setup.  Thank you!  I totally missed that line.


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> I am running zebra and ospf6d on my machine.  When I plug in a Wi-Fi adapter 
> to act as an access point, a new subnet is created but the network is not 
> being sent to the other routers on my wan.  The result is any PC that 
> connects to this access point can only reach the local subnet.  Here are the 
> configuration files of my machine:

Well, I mostly speak the Vyatta/Vyos dialect of Quagga, but:

> Ospf6d.conf
> [...]
> router ospf6
> router-id
> interface eth0 area
> interface eth1 area
> interface eth2 area
> interface usb0 area
> interface usb1 area

interface wlan0 area ?


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