I've changed the mtu size of my ovpn config to 1440 and added fragment 1400 on 
client and server, but without any help.
Problems is not solved. I was thinking about the fact that i do have only 
interfaces that could be shutdown. From my CCNA i have an clue that it could be 
nessesary to have an lo0 interface in the ospf process that can not be 
shutdowned ? 

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On Thu, 10 Aug 2017, Niclas Müller wrote:

> I don`t get the problem, cause it is not everytime. Sometimes is goes 
> away with the time but this is Not an solution. I would be very 
> pleased if someone could help me...

One problem that can cause this is MTU blackhole (1500 byte packets are 
dropped, for instance 1480 or 1460 packets are not).

Try adding "fragment 1400" to your OpenVPN configuration and see if that helps.

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