On Friday, 14 October 2016 18:41:45 UTC+11, Ivan wrote:
> It's a pretty heavy-handed opinion, but if you have time/fun tweaking 
> Qubes to work without systemd then good for you. Following your logic, 
> you could also remove the DE you're using in dom0 as it probably has 
> major security holes too, as well as a pile of other stuff that will 
> make your system really secure^Wempty. 
> By the way, aren't you using Qubes because its architecture was made to 
> cope with unsecure software in the first place ? (rhetorical question). 
> Well, SOMEONE has to be the "Devils Advocate". Otherwise nothing moves 

People like Manuel Amador (Rudd-O) are just haters, and hate that people 
know more than them and see the flaws where there are flaws that are unseen 
by those that are trusting, just like Manuel seems to just trust everything.

I'm paranoid. I don't even trust Qubes 100%. There is nothing in this 
world, software wise, that I trust 100%, UNLESS I write it myself or can 
see every piece of code that is there. If there are things that are 
propriety that I can't see the code of, then how can I fully trust it?

If I write it myself, I know what it does and know how it works. That's one 
reason why I like Qubes, I can see the code and know what everything does 
Qubes wise. But something like SystemD, I don't trust it. It can be broken, 
and if it breaks they have access to everything, INCLUDING the tunnels 
between the Guest and Dom0. This is ONE reason why I disable SUDO and have 
the root account passworded and secured fully.

Yes, it's architecture is made for that, and it's great for what it does.
There are so many things wrong with the Fedora templates that I have had to 
erase and install and change so many things just to make then actually 
usable. (Not saying they aren't good for others, just for my security and 
piece of mind and the tools that are needed by me since they are things 
that should be on there anyway.

Qubes allows me to do many things, but there are things that are wrong that 
happen for an unknown reason, and have been doing so for a long time, and 
have not been explained and the developers have not looked into it, or just 
not responded. Whether they have not had the time or availability of man 
power or whatever the reason is I don't know. As I have said before, it's 
something that I understand and am fine with, and I'm sure they will get 
around to it when they get the chance, since it's a bug that is in the full 
release of 3.2.

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