On 12/01/2016 05:02 PM, Andrew David Wong wrote:
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On 2016-12-01 11:41, Chris Laprise wrote:
I share Ivan's concern about asking for donations. The style should be more 
forward, with periodic donation drives (say 3X a year) that are prominently 
featured on the qubes-os.org front page (and a link from the github page, too). 
Many organizations also use email newsletters as a funding-drive tool, since it 
can contain requests for donations in the same vehicle that contains 
interesting information (not every Qubes user will want to keep monitoring the 
mailing lists).

These seem like reasonable ideas to me.

There should also be a stronger sense conveyed of the object of the 
donations--The Qubes Project as separate from ITL--so people don't think they 
are being asked to donate to a for-profit corp.

What about this part?

"ITL will not benefit from of any of the money donated through Open Collective. 
Instead, the funds will be paid directly to individual developers who have been hired to 
work on the open source edition of Qubes."

Is it possible to state that more clearly?

On the 'funding' page, the ITL section presents the relationship pretty well. But overall presentation could improve... For one, ITL's own branding is a bit weak and seems to appear only on that one page. If ITL had stronger branding that would give a greater impression that Qubes Project is distinct (Qubes branding has gotten pretty good, BTW). Also, there is no language referencing "non-profit" or "foundation", which is the organizational language that is familiar to potential donors.

One other thing I feel is missing is an 'About' section that could describe Qubes' story as a project that started at ITL and evolved. Its not the same thing as what 'funding' and 'team' describe. 'About' could be its own page or merely a section of 'intro' or 'team'.

In the short term, the best thing would be to start a periodic announcement asking for donations. Other projects (which we are all familiar with) engage in this important form of signaling to their users.

Re: The Newsletter idea, let me know if you would like help with that.


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