On 12/01/2016 06:00 PM, hopefulf...@tuta.io wrote:
IMO, restoring user and root users in the VMs won't help with preventing persistent exploits - only removing the persistent storage will (and taking measures to prevent code execution from it, be it preserved in some VMs like Whonix-Gateway).

Hopeful Fork

A persistent exploit can't survive as a *rootkit* or command full use of the appVM if, A) it's method of entry has been patched; and B) user permissions are enforced. It would need additional exploits granting privilege escalation in order to continue running after patch+reboot.... and those additional vulns may get patched also.

If observing normal guest OS security stopped only 5% of malware, it would be more than worth the effort to change. It should at least be a minimal hassle to infect a Qubes VM, though currently it isn't.


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