Il 19/03/2017 19:33, Reg Tiangha ha scritto:
On 2017-03-18 10:44 PM,
On Sat, 18 Mar 2017 11:45:29 +0100
Franco Bersani <> wrote:

Hi all,
I'm Franco Bersani, a Gnu/Linux sysadmin who lives in Italy.
I'm testing Qubes-os, and I'm appreciating the project a lot.
I'm a xfce/thunar user, so I've developed a (really simple, but
effective) bash script to implement also in Thunar the custom action
provided in Nautilus (Gnome Files) and in Dolphin.
The bash script provides these functions:
  - Open in Disposable AppVM
  - Move to other AppVM
  - Open to other AppVM
  - Open in other AppVM

Attached to this email you can find a zip file
( containing:
- : the bash script, to be copied in ~/bin
- uca_add.xml :  custom actions to be copied
within .config/Thunar/uca.xml, between <actions> and </actions> tags.

I hope you'll appreciate my small contribute to your project, and  I
hope you'll find it interesting enough to be added to ufficial
documentation or in a qubes-os future version.

Have a nice day.

Franco 'frakbe' Bersani

Very nice, thanks! I've been wishing for just this feature for some

This is great! Is there an easy way to apply this mod to a TemplateVM?
It'd save me a lot of work doing it that way instead of modifying all of
my AppVMs (of which I have many). If not, that's cool too; this mod
makes it worth it.

I didn't try, but I think it's possible; if you copy the bash script on /usr/bin of your TemplateVM and then modify accordingly the /etc/xdg/Thunar/uca.xml file, adding the custom actions (obviously, you have to modify the path of the bash script), the matter should be done.

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