It seems omeg who has been maintaining Qubes-Windows-Tools the last few years, 
has gone inactive and thus far, 
it looks like no one else has picked up the project.

If it is not planned to be done any time soon, then that's alright, I can live 
with that. I'm already immensely grateful for everything the Qubes team has 
done. But it's not so easy for everyone though, some people are more heavily 
reliant on Windows than others for certain applications.

This post is NOT a complaint or anything of the sorts, but instead a question 
to settle expectations on the correct path, instead of looking every day for a 
new update, which can be a lot of uncertainty or for some people even anxiety 
and frustrations, when on Qubes 4 without a means to get Windows 7 installed. 
Essentially people who need Windows and would love to get Qubes 4, are caught 
in-between without any idea when or even if Windows 7 will be supported anytime 
in the near-term future.

In other words, just knowing it won't be anytime soon is in a way also very 
good news, because it puts expectations in the right place instead of 
uncertainty. Any such news-update on what is going on with it and what to 
expect, would be appreciated.

Also, I'm not entirely sure regarding the code itself, but it should be 
somewhat close to Qubes 4 in the current Qubes-Windows-Tools? For example the 
Qubes 3.2. Win7 restored from backup in Qubes 4, seems to more or less work, 
somewhat smoothly, but not perfect. If so, maybe someone else can help with 
bringing Qubes-Windos-Tools to Qubes 4? Unfortunately I have no coding skills 
of this sort though, otherwise I'd give it a shot.

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