On Sunday, 4 February 2018 03:09:41 UTC+8, Yuraeitha  wrote:

> Also it seems like some functions "might (maybe)" work as intended, for 
> example 
> I can copy files between VM's and Win7, on a Win7 that was installed on Qubes 
> 3.2., but backup restored on Qubes 4. Others seem like they can do this too. 
> Also it seems it's a common problem not to be internet in the restored Q3.2-
> Win7, perhaps the code is different in regards to how it ties networking with 
> Qubes 4? I have no idea about the rest of the mechanics from a users 
> perspective though, and most certainly not as a developer as I unfortunately 
> don't have such skills, I wish I could help more.

I have tried this, and in my case, the win7 VM crashed hard (with the VM 
immediately disappearing with not error message to be seen) after a few seconds 
of use.

While it was running, things worked fine (i.e. fast graphics updates etc) which 
leads me to believe that the graphics drivers are fine. It does seem to die as 
soon as I open the Explorer window, which somewhat narrows down the set of 
potential causes.

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