On Sunday, February 4, 2018 at 1:57:26 PM UTC+1, Elias Mårtenson wrote:
> On Sunday, 4 February 2018 03:09:41 UTC+8, Yuraeitha  wrote:
> > Also it seems like some functions "might (maybe)" work as intended, for 
> > example 
> > I can copy files between VM's and Win7, on a Win7 that was installed on 
> > Qubes 
> > 3.2., but backup restored on Qubes 4. Others seem like they can do this 
> > too. 
> > Also it seems it's a common problem not to be internet in the restored Q3.2-
> > Win7, perhaps the code is different in regards to how it ties networking 
> > with 
> > Qubes 4? I have no idea about the rest of the mechanics from a users 
> > perspective though, and most certainly not as a developer as I 
> > unfortunately 
> > don't have such skills, I wish I could help more.
> I have tried this, and in my case, the win7 VM crashed hard (with the VM 
> immediately disappearing with not error message to be seen) after a few 
> seconds 
> of use.
> While it was running, things worked fine (i.e. fast graphics updates etc) 
> which 
> leads me to believe that the graphics drivers are fine. It does seem to die 
> as 
> soon as I open the Explorer window, which somewhat narrows down the set of 
> potential causes.

I think I encountered this issue too, without error logs it's hard to be sure 
though, but by the description it sounds a lot like it.

Another user in another Qubes 4 Win7 thread somewhere in Qubes-users mail-list, 
suggested to reduce the page-file for Windows SWAP inside the Windows VM. It 
worked for him, and when I tried it out, it worked for me too. It's possible 
this is what you encounter, try reduce the Windows page-file and see if it 

Also if not reducing the page-file, more giving the VM more RAM works too, but 
it's a lot of wasting resources, especially on low RAM hardware. For example I 
have to give Win7 4GB RAM when I did not change the page-file in Windows. When 
it has 3GB or 3.5GB, then it crashes like your description.

Once the page file has been reduced, counter-intuitively the RAM can now be 
2.5GB without any crash so far. It seems a bit odd since the page-file SWAP 
should only be related to the drive space, but the relation between host VM 
allocated RAM, and guest drive SWAP page-file, somehow, indeed seems to be 
related to each others... I lack the understanding ,but it seems very 
counter-intuitive to me, yet it still worked.
Hopefully this can fix your crash issues.

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