- I think it's great if you post your guide for others to see :) You can always leave a disclaimer, such as no code has not been audited in this particular case, however that it worked for a few of users who tried it (it worked for me on my first try, more to come though). If people have all available information, including the disclaimer, then they can make calls for themselves, so that responsibility is not put on you if something should go wrong.

Well, strictly speaking there's no "guide" yet :) - only bits and parts in notes, ML posts or from the official qubes documentation. Marek's last post also provided a lot of informative stuff.

Ideally there should be a wiki page with those tests and pieces of info, with more relaxed "commit" rights than the official Qubes docs so that users can freely change/fix the instructions until things settle down - at which point they could maybe be included in the official documentation.

I see there's a handful of free wiki sites on the web, I'll try to setup a page on one of those. But as usual, not ETA - I have very little free time ; if you'd like you can go ahead and publish what you already have/found out and I'll definitely help with the content and tests.

so, I found some time and created this:


It's a bit of a hodgepodge from various ML posts and my own notes. The edit policy is open to everyone, so anyone - feel free to add your own stuff.

(I hope it's not a problem to create such an unofficial wiki; If it is I'll delete it and I'll try to make the doc a bit more pretty and send a PR for inclusion in the official doc; alternatively, such a wiki could be created in the qubes-doc repository).


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