On Thu, February 8, 2018 4:50 pm, Ivan Mitev wrote:

> IMHO a public wiki - official or not - should not replace the current
> documentation: someone may add unsecure instructions (willingly or not)
> and there will always be users who blindingly copy/paste instructions.

That and divergence between the two sets of documentation, possibly by
neglecting one or the other.

> My idea behind a public wiki was to have a "staging" area that would
> lower the bar for writing official documentation (eg. understanding pull
> requests isn't needed), as well as easing "community" testing/debugging
> (like providing workarounds or step-by-step instructions like now with
> Windows HVMs).

This sounds good; should avoid divergence.

> If after some time the instructions are deemed good
> enough, then they could be pulled into the official docs and removed from
> the wiki.

Will you be handling that step by submitting PRs against the official
docs? How frequently?

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