On 02/09/18 18:05, 'awokd' via qubes-devel wrote:
On Thu, February 8, 2018 4:50 pm, Ivan Mitev wrote:

IMHO a public wiki - official or not - should not replace the current
documentation: someone may add unsecure instructions (willingly or not)
and there will always be users who blindingly copy/paste instructions.

That and divergence between the two sets of documentation, possibly by
neglecting one or the other.

My idea behind a public wiki was to have a "staging" area that would
lower the bar for writing official documentation (eg. understanding pull
requests isn't needed), as well as easing "community" testing/debugging
(like providing workarounds or step-by-step instructions like now with
Windows HVMs).

This sounds good; should avoid divergence.

I fully agree about the divergence issue, that's why I plan to delete the content on the public page(s) after it's pulled in the official docs.

If after some time the instructions are deemed good
enough, then they could be pulled into the official docs and removed from
the wiki.

Will you be handling that step by submitting PRs against the official
docs? How frequently?

I've set up the windows HVM wiki page to help other people struggling with the issues I've been through. It's a bit of an experiment and it would be interesting to see if other users contribute content to this specific page, or even add other pages (the latter would be an indication that something is either missing or difficult to find in the official docs).

tl;dr; I don't really know how it'll work out, how frequently PRs would have to submitted - and whether I'll submit them myself or other users step in, etc.

I saw on qubes-users that you're updating the official documentation, that's great. I *really* don't want to sound like I'm duplicating some of your work, or making your work harder. The wiki page is 100% public so feel free to delete stuff and/or import it in the official document at your convenience.

BTW I've eventually managed to successfully install Windows 7 in R4 and I've updated the wiki page accordingly. I see that user bowa...@gmail.com also managed to install a win7 VM with exactly the same commands, so maybe we've reached a working set of install instructions and I could submit a PR (or you could copy/paste the instructions in the official docs). IMHO, given that people are now trying R4 and Windows HVMs (there's for instance a post on qubes-users@ by Alex a sec ago) it would be helpful to post the link of the updated official doc or the temporary wiki page to the qubes-users@ ML.

Let me know what you think...


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