Hello qubes developers!

I would like to humbly draw your attention to a certain technique of enabling 
proper dual-head support on windows HVMs under qubes that _almost_ works 


I've managed to reproduce everything from there, starting from "getting the 
second screen actually spawn as second window (actually the ONLY way I managed 
to get a windows HVM recognize second monitor, without this trick it just 
dumbly spawns a single window) and get monitors with different resolutions 
working together.

It is almost perfect usability for me, but the "ghost clicks" problem 
(described in link/issue) is killing it for me ("just dragging a single big 
window to two screens" is a much inferior option for me, since monitors in my 
typical setups have different native resolutions)

If someone knows a clever workaround for the "ghost clicks in windows dualhead 
isssue" (windows HVM use under qubes seems to involve a lot of clever 
workarounds) that'd be great.

(of course, fixing it outright would be even greater but I do realize that you 
have your hands full and windows VMs are hardly a "priority", so just hoping 
"someone knows something" on working around this, and qubes-devel is where I 
expect most knowledgeable people to be at :) )

Thank you very much

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