In Qubes 4.0 (RC4)

How does Qube Manager (or previous Qubes Manager) detect when a template VM has 
an available update?

I understand that qubes-update-check.service is on the VMs that are running so 
it can report back to dom0 to let it know there is an update available for its 
template (or itself if standalone VM).

But on dom0, is there a file or flag that shows which VMs?  How does the 
manager app know?
After the UpdateVM (qubes.InstallUpdatesGUI) is run successfully on the 
template, and it completes a shutdown... how is this flag cleared.


I found /var/lib/qubes/qubes.xml and its "updates-available" feature tag.  A 
couple of my templates are set to 1, but after an update, this doesn't change.

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